Acetonitrile is a colorless nitrile and volatile organic compound with the formulae C2H3N or CH3CN. It is produced mainly as a byproduct of Acrylonitrile. It is used as an aprotic solvent in organic synthesis and in the purification of Butadiene.

Synonyms of Acetonitrile

Cynomethane, Ethane nitrile,Ethyl Nitrile, Methane Carbonitrile

Methyl Cyanide

CSA Number: 75-05-8
Molecular Formula: C2H3N or CH3CN
Molecular Weight: 41.05

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance Clear Colourless liquid
Refractive Index 20C 1.452?1.454
Flash Point 02C (closed cup)
Auto Ignition Temperature 524C
Flash Point Below-45C
Solubility in water Completely soluble
Boiling Point 81-82C

Applications of Acetonitrile

  • API & Intermediate synthesis viz. Insulin, Antibiotics and Vitamins
  • Used as solvent for Agrochemical synthesis
  • Purification Of Butadiene in Refineries
  • In organic Synthesis & Mfg. of Photographic film
  • Used in Mfg. of DNA oligonucleotides
  • Substitute of chlorinated solvent
  • Used as solvent in lithium ?sulfur dioxide electrochemical cells


  • Excellent Stability
  • A versatile replacement solvent
  • Excellent water removal property from organic molecules
  • Packing

    160 kg MS drums 900mm height & 18 kg. We also supply.

    Material in tanker.


    Assay by GLC 99.90%
    Moisture Content Max. 0.2%
    (By Karl Fischer) 0.05% Max
    Acidity (as Acetic Acid) 0.005%Max
    Density@25C 0.786g/ml

    Shipping Regulation

    H.S Code: 29269000
    IMCO CLASS: 3.0
    UN No: 1648
    Packing Group: Class II



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