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Synonyms Of Dibutyl Ether

Di-n-butyl Ether, n-butyl Ether; Butyl Ether; 1, 1-oxy-bisbutane; 1-Butoxybutane; n-dibutylether; Dibutyl Oxide

CSA Number: 142-96-1
Molecular Formula: C8H18O
Molecular Weight: 130.23 g/mol

Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance Clear Colourless liquid
Refractive index 1.397
Flash point 25°C
Boiling Point 75.6°C
Freezing Point/Melting Point 95°C
Flash Point 25°C
Specific Gravity 0.7689


160 KG in MS drums of 900mm height and 18 kg weight with a nitrogen padding over the surface. BHT is added as a stabilizer to prevent peroxide formation. We also supply material in ISO tanks.


Assay by GLC Min 99.0%
Peroxide Content Max 50 PPM
Moisture Content
(By karl Fischer)
Max 1000PPM

Applications Of Dibutyl Ether

  • Use in manufacture of various active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Solvent/extracting agent for hydrocarbons, esters, alkaloids, oils, resins and fatty materials
  • Solvent for many organic acids, natural and synthetic resins
  • Water immiscibility offers ease of separation from aqueous solution
  • Used in CD-R/DVD-R Manufacture
  • Excellent medium for Grignard reagent and also excellent solvent for organolithium compounds

Advantages Of Dibutyl Ether

  • Good Solvent for many organics
  • Low visibility

Shipping Regulation

H.S Code: 29091900



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